4 Things You Need To Know About Purchasing Medical Marijuana From A Dispensary

Posted on: 12 February 2019

If you find that you are suffering from health problems and that medical marijuana is one way to treat your health issues, you are going to want to get your medication from a licensed dispensary.

#1 Need to Obtain a Medical License

You can't just decide that you want to purchase marijuana from a medical dispensary, stroll right in, and choose some medication. Medical dispensaries are not like drug stores; to even see what they sell, you have to have a medical card.

The process for getting a medical card varies from one state to the next. However, in the vast majority of states, you will need to find a doctor who will prescribe you medical marijuana for your symptoms and who is willing to fill out the medical paperwork for a license. Then, you must send in the medical paperwork to the state licensing body that oversees medical marijuana applications. After that, you must wait to get your physical card before you can go to a dispensary.

Most medical cards look more like a rewards card or a driver's license. The card will contain your name and licensing number. In some states, the card will also include a photo.

#2 Be Prepared to Show Your License

Next, when you go to a dispensary, you need to be prepared to show your medical card. You are going to need to show your medical card and a picture identification.

Many medical dispensaries will also have you fill out paperwork. This paperwork is used to identify that you are patient at the dispensary.

#3 Be Prepared to Pay in Cash

Finally, you need to be prepared to pay in cash. Although medical marijuana is legal on a state level, it is still not legal on a federal level. Therefore, most banks and credit processing companies refuse to work with medical marijuana dispensaries. Due to the difference in laws at the federal and state level, medical marijuana dispensaries operate on a cash basis. Be sure to stop by your bank or ATM on the way to the dispensary.

#4 Secure Storage Area

In many states, you are required to secure your medical marijuana when you transport it in your vehicle. In many states, you are even required to put the medical marijuana in your trunk inside of a locked container. If your state is one of the states that require you to transport your medical marijuana in a locked container, be sure to comply with this rule.

Before you can get medication from a medical marijuana dispensary, you need to obtain a license. When you go to the dispensary, be sure to bring, your ID, and your medical card. Make sure you have a secure way to transport and bring your medical weed home.